10 Books on Sustainable Culture



As the New Year has begun, we believe that it is not only us who have resolutions in mind. One of these on our lists is READ MORE. Getting educated on the topics we are interested in. Books, books, books, yes we love them - but sometimes life gets too hectic and reading is the last thing we have on our minds. Let’s try to change that this year. We put together a list of 10 books on sustainability that we think should be on your reading list this year. 



Fashionopolis, Dana Thomas 

An investigation into the damage brought on by the colossal clothing industry and the grassroots, high-tech, international movement fighting to reform it.

A factual, well written and well-researched book with insights into the world of fast fashion, focusing on clothing production. Discover where your clothes actually came from, fashion's impact on its workers, consumers and the environment. Learn about designers who are trying to create not only more sustainable fabrics but also a more eco-conscious system for reusing materials and find out what kind of innovations are appearing. This book is for anyone interested in the business of fashion as well as environmentalists. Also, we guarantee that after reading this book you will never look at that basic pair of jeans the same way. 


Future of Fashion: Understanding Sustainability in the Fashion Industry, Tyler Little

"Many people understand how the current fashion industry is damaging our environment. FoF will provide you with the opportunity to uncover this well-kept secret.?

You are about to dive into an educational yet fascinating journey from the present to the future of sustainable fashion. Full of facts, easy to read, and very well written. This book should be mandatory for everyone wearing clothes. If you just starting on your journey and looking for an explanation, this is it. 


Closet, Elizabeth L. Cline, 2019

“If you want to change the world, there’s no better place to start than with the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet.”

So, you know the facts and now are thinking about how to implement all the knowledge into your everyday life. Where to start and what to do with your wardrobe: this book is full of detailed information and specific actions you can take to change your habits. Like how to create the capsule wardrobe and simply be more conscious of your fashion choices. Read this one if you are starting your slow fashion journey.


Fibershed, Rebecca Burgess, 2019

Growing a Movement of Farmers, Fashion Activists, and Makers for a New Textile Economy

“A new "farm-to-closet" vision for the clothes we wear - by a leader in the movement for local textile economies”

We would recommend this one to someone who wants to dive a little deeper. Rebecca started with growing her own natural dye – organic indigo, to produce a natural blue dye for her textile creation work. You will learn how natural plant dyes and fibres such as wool, cotton, and hemp can be grown and processed as a part of a restorative agricultural system. There is one important message behind all this that should be a new year resolution for everyone. GO LOCAL. Shop locally, not only food but also your clothes. That is the way to a sustainable future. Once again important book for anyone who wants to learn more about fibres and explore the implications of their clothing choices.

This Is Not A Drill, Extinction Rebellion Handbook

This might be a bit radical for some, but we think it is an unnecessary read to realize what is really going on with our planet, a practical guide for saving it. The book is split in half. First half is called Tell the Truth which explains the nature of the climate crisis and the second half is called Act Now which is about where we go from here and what happens next. A handbook for people to start taking action and to realise that they can do something inspiring. We must act now before it’s too late.

How to live plastic free, Luca B, 2018

“Our oceans will thank you for it”

This book is written by the Marine Conservative Society which is the UK’s leading marine charity. By choosing this book you show that you care and as a thank you, you will get a book full of tips and practical advice for removing unnecessary plastic at every possible opportunity. Small book, to the point that shows you how we encounter plastic in our daily life starting with getting up in the morning and leads us through the whole day from start to finish.


12 Small Acts to Save Our World: Simple, Everyday Ways You Can Make a Difference, WWF

“Ever wanted to save the world?”

It is easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. But small, easy actions, if taken by enough people, can move mountains – and save the planets. Written in collaboration with a leading environmental expert from WFF, this short book provides simple changes we can all make to our everyday lives, from morning to night. These aren’t the only things you can do. But these 12 small acts are basic steps anybody can take, and if even one of them sticks, our children will inherit a better world.


More Plants Less Waste, Max La Manna

“With a little more thought we can all make small changes that will have a BIG, positive impact on the health of our planet.”

Did you know that 8% of Global Carbon Emissions are directly related to food waste? And that about 45% happens in households? This is the ugly truth. You want to do something about it but don’t know where to start? Get this vegan cookbook full of recipes that minimize waste. La Manna has inspired thousands of people across the world to rethink their approach to consumption and made it his mission to turn the tide on plastic and breathe new energy into the leftovers that are typically destined for the bin. As a bonus, you can also find some DIY all-natural recipes to help minimize your waste even more. Plus, the food is delish! 


Vegan Eats, Rachel Ama

This might be one of our favourite cookbooks of 2019. Brilliant plant-based dishes that make cooking delicious vegan food every day genuinely easy and fun. All relatively quick and easy recipes. Rachel is serving us a variety of colourful and flavourful recipes, many of them inspired by her Caribbean and West African roots. Even if you already own a number of vegan cookbooks, we think this one will bring a lot of new flavours into your kitchen. If you aren’t vegan, still give this book a chance and you can taste some delicious recipes and cut down on your meat intake. Plus, with each recipe, you can find a matching song so you can create a great playlist that will make cooking even more fun.


+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

Instagram: @kristinakasparova