Grow your own chair! | Gavin Munro’s truly natural Furniture



This is the story of a complete reconsideration of the way we use trees. This is a bucolic story written by designer Gavin Munro, who decided to move away from the concept of traditional furniture and started a natural and wonderful dream: 
to create unique artworks by growing furniture from a single tree. Gavin is the cutting-edge mind behind Full Grown. Crazy great idea!




This interview originally appears in Luxiders Magazine Print Issue No.1, AW 2018/19, on sale HERE 

Furniture has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years. Whilst often effective in some ways, the process is highly wasteful, considerably damaging to our environment, and, when the complete process is taken into account, very slow – it takes at least 50 years before you have a tree that is worth cutting down.

Full Grown decided that in a time of change, when our future objects may be printed, by growing the trees directly into shape we can make objects that are more personal, elegant and durable. So, they start to literally grow trees in the form of chairs and chandeliers. After training and graftinf chosen shoots around the frame, the chairs are formed, and left to thicken for a few years. When Harvest comes, they plane and polish the chair. This is the power of nature. The power of love. Pure art.

Gavin Munro literally grows trees in the form of chairs and chandeliers.



Trees grown directly into art and unique furniture

“Everything starts with a unique design for the piece of furniture - then we add the modular frame around which we grow and shape the tree. Everything is grown as a single piece. Yes, we work with each tree, shaping, clipping and nurturing it into shape to encourage it to grow and strengthen in just the right way, at just the right time. There are no traditional joints – we graft where necessary – and we don’t use glue . Each piece is truly unique and will carry the Full Grown Brand with a Certificate of Provenance”.

Gavin Munro assures that they do not strip forests of their trees and their eco-systems. They plant their own trees and, by refining and developing the ancient skills and techniques used in coppicing and woodland management, they maintain and nurture their raw materials. “The majority of the waste we create is turned into compost and fertiliser - the rest is recycled. We harvest products annually and re-use the root stock the following year to grow another piece”.

“Sadly, Nature doesn't always work to our arbitrary human timetable. It will take several years for our crops to reach maturity but they will be worth the wait”.